HSK Standard Course 2 Companion Online Video Course

This engaging video course follows the textbook closely and makes it much easier to understand the key concepts. Prefect for self-study.

Following the standard curriculum as set forth by the official HSK 2, this online course will:

  • help you expand your vocabulary and learn the 150 words covered in the HSK 2 curriculum, such as: 踢足球 (play soccer), 眼睛 (eyes), 报纸 (newspaper), 红色 (red), 快乐 (happy)
  • help you with correct usage (e.g. compare 能 and 会, 怎么 and 怎么样, etc)
  • help you grasp the grammar points covered in the HSK 2 curriculum (total of 44 grammar points)
  • help you continue developing your ability to read and write Chinese characters

After you finish this course, you will be well prepared to take the HSK 2 test.

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