HSK Standard Course 6A Textbook

HSK Standard Course Level 6A Textbook
HSK Standard Course Level 6A Textbook

Page: 175

Publication Date: 10/2015
ISBN: 9787561942543
Table of Contents
Lesson 1: 孩子给我们的启示 An epiphany from the children
Lesson 2: 父母之爱 Love of parents
Lesson 3: 一盒月饼 A box of moon cakes
Lesson 4: 完美的胜利 A perfect victory
Lesson 5: 学一门外语需要理由吗 Do we need a reason to learn a foreign language
Lesson 6: 当好职场插班生 Be a good transfer student in a workplace
Lesson 7: 我的人生我做主 I’m the master of my own life
Lesson 8: 遇见原来的我 Meeting the old me
Lesson 9: 不用手机的日子 A day without a cell phone
Lesson 10: 全球化视野中的中国饮食 Chinese food in the global context
Lesson 11: 我不在时, 猫在干什么 What do the cats do when I’m not home
Lesson 12: 我们都爱白噪音 We all love white noise
Lesson 13: 从旅游指南看世事变迁 How travel guides reflect the changes of the world
Lesson 14: 背着电饭锅拍北极 Photographing the North Pole carrying an electric cooker on the back
Lesson 15: 山脉上的雕刻 Sculptures on the mountain range
Lesson 16: 徐健和他的野生动物摄影师们 Xu Jian and his team of wildlife photographers
Lesson 17: 小动物眼中的慢世界 The slow world in small animals’ eyes
Lesson 18: 神奇的丝瓜 The magical towel gourd
Lesson 19: 无阳光的深海世界 The deep sea without sunshine
Lesson 20: 金鸡窝 The golden henhouse